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Independent high-class companion Lisa Blaine

Do you have any additional questions that you cannot find anywhere else? Read this interview with me in which I answer the frequently asked questions so that you can fully prepare yourself and know what to expect. Is there anything missing in this list? Please let me know in your inquiry.

What is the difference between a courtesan/high-class escort and a regular escort?

Unlike a regular escort, a courtesan tries to come as close to a real girlfriend as possible. She chooses to get involved and prefers to build a mutually beneficial, no-strings-attached, and long-term relationship. It doesn’t matter where you take her; she can adjust to any situation and will do whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable and happy.

Want to know why I do this? The question is answered somewhere in the frequently asked questions.

What can I expect from a date with you?

A date can include what you wish. A sweet side where we create a genuine connection exploring different types of subjects during our deep conversations. Snuggle together, laugh, relax and completely disconnect. Or a more kinky side where we explore role-playing, soft-BDSM, and more. My goal is to make it mutually enjoyable, lasting, and memorable. 

During our date, I ensure that things are enjoyable for both of us. Making love is one of the things I love the most. I’m highly interested in tantra and everything that has to do with that. Making the moment last, explore sexual intimacy, and tickle our senses. I’d love to apply some tantra techniques through massaging or love-making to make it extra special. 

What is your favorite type of date?

I’d love for us to have enough time to enjoy it to the fullest. Take the time to get to know each other, what we like, and how we can please each other. Then, with the right chemistry, we can create fireworks! I love to travel to (new) destinations, visit a bar with live music, or go on a hike in the mountains. Nothing is really too crazy, as long as we both enjoy it. 

What do you require from a date?

I don’t have guidelines set in stone. You can get a picture of my expectations on the page that is about etiquette. I’m looking for a gentleman who desires a passionate and romantic experience, conversation, laughter, and true companionship. When a possible date introduces himself to me, I’d like to explore our compatibility. For this reason, I’d like to request that you give me a bit of background information about who you are and what your perfect date would look like. If I receive a request with minimal input, I’ll have to discard the request.

Do you drink during dates?

I like to take care of myself in a way that doesn’t allow me to indulge in unhealthy nutrition very often. Nevertheless, I do drink sometimes. When I choose not to drink, and when I do during our time together, I want to ask that you respect this.

Do you do both in-call and outcall dates?

I only do outcall dates. However, if you would like me to book a stay somewhere, I’d be happy to assist. When coming to you, I expect to go to at least a 5-star hotel or a luxury condominium.

Could you join me for a cultural event or business occasion?

I would love to join you on any type of occasion. If it is for your work, I can function in different ways. If it is your first time, I’d love to meet at a nice restaurant, museum, or opera to take some time and get to know each other. In any case, when there are other people around, I’ll make sure not to draw too much attention but be aware, people might glare.

What will you wear during our date?

I love designer clothes. They hug my curves perfectly, and the quality really shows from soft silk undergarments to sexy dresses. My style is exquisite but can also be a bit naughty. For example, I love wearing leather with agent provocateur lingerie or a stylish dress with heels from Manolo Blahnik. 

I have a wardrobe that consists of different styles. When you make your request, you can tell me what kind of style you like. We can also go shopping together to find the perfect outfit, exclusively for our date. During our time together, I make sure to look stunning. When I’m wearing a dress with high heels or casual trousers with a blouse, elegance is essential.

Are you available to travel internationally?

I have a curious travel bug inside me that I had to restrain during the pandemic, and that is ready to fly out again. I have my passport on hand, and I’m good to go whenever you are. I LOVE traveling and have visited 25+ countries. Not enough though, I try to go as local as possible when exploring new cultures. I enjoy all types of food, and I’m very interested in architecture and making new connections.

What does discretion mean to you?

I take being an independent high-class escort very seriously. This means that whatever happens between us stays between us. I expect discretion from both sides. Besides this, I have a professional life; therefore, I wouldn’t, for example, want to walk hand in hand in my hometown. I’m a trustworthy and reliable person.

I’m not only answering this in my frequently asked questions. Discretion is very important to me. Read more about this in the section with the same name on my profile page.

Are your pictures real?

All my pictures are real and portray me as I am. They are taken recently, and I update them regularly. I cover my face for my own protection. Privacy is of utmost importance to me.

Why are you an independent courtesan?

To say it simply: I really love it—the game of love, set to your own demands, wishes, and desires. I have a lust for life that is not ordinary. I like to make my own rules and explore sexuality in many different ways, and this is the perfect way of doing that. Moreover, I get to travel to unique places, meet incredible and knowledgeable people from all over the world, and surround myself with meaningful and loving connections.

What means time well spend for you?

An important one in the frequently asked questions.

Getting to know each other on a deeper level on a dinner date where we try your favorite cuisine. Having conversations about the joys of life and learning something new along the way, enjoying a wine tasting, traveling to new destinations, or having a spa day. And end the day with a romantic tantra massage where we both enjoy a sexual encounter in which we tingle all senses and falling asleep pleased and satisfied.

What turns you on?

I really enjoy taking the time to explore each other’s bodies. Getting to know your sweet spots and using them as you’ve never experienced before. I love to have extended foreplay, kissing, and massaging – everything romantic is totally up my alley. A naughty quickie in the morning followed by breakfast in bed is also very welcome. When we feel comfortable with each other, I wouldn’t mind taking things up a notch and add some dirty lovemaking to our time together. Mostly I long for a genuine connection that is memorable and lasts.

What are your turn-offs?

I think this one should be obvious, but I still wanted to add this to the frequently asked questions. What turns me off are people who are generally very negative are unwilling to learn from others and can’t find joy in life. Also, on a physical level, I find personal hygiene and a nice breath paramount.

What qualities do you find desirable in a man?

I find a man attractive when he is confident, respectful, knows what he wants, has a sense of humor, and is a real gentleman. I love it when he is open and not afraid to talk about whatever he wants.

How to prepare for an overnight date?

Are we meeting in one of the cities described in my destinations list? Check those pages to see what we can do there. If you want, I can also help to create the perfect itinerary. During our evening in the hotel or apartment, I’ll bring the most beautiful lingerie and some sex toys, if you want. 

What are you planning for your expected travel date?

Traveling to new destinations is what I love the most. I could help create the perfect itinerary for a trip you won’t easily forget. We would go and explore the most excellent restaurants, do some sightseeing and enjoy what the locals have to offer.

What is your favorite destination?

I have many favorite destinations. The one that exceeds the rest so far regarding a holiday is Mexico. The people there are lovely, the sunsets gorgeous, and the food is delicious. For a city trip, my favorite place, by far, is New York City. This place has everything and more: great theater, amazing nightclubs, and lovely local events. Places to visit on my bucket list are the Maldives and the Galapagos Islands.

Can I offer you a gift?

A gift is always very welcome but no necessity. I’d love for the gift to mean something and is genuine. Check the list with the things I love for inspiration.

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