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About Frankfurt

Frankfurt, also nicknamed “Mainhattan”, is one of German’s central cities that lies on the River Main. Not only is it a prominent financial hub, but Frankfurt is also the birthplace of the famed and celebrated writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. This city is also one of the busiest transport hubs and where Germany’s largest airport is located. Many international companies and banks have set up headquarters here, one of the major being the European Central Bank. Despite being a financial and economic center, Frankfurt is also famous for its commitment to be sustainable, proven by its objective to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. This city is full of charisma and beauty, blending modern constructions and retaining the historical highlights perfectly. 

The best time to take high-class escort Lisa Blaine to Frankfurt

The best time to step foot in Frankfurt is April through September. After a long and harsh winter, spring is very cherished by the people living in the city. The sun starts to peek through the heavy clouds, and temperatures begin to rise. While it is not 100% immune to rainy days, the cold is no longer creeping in the air when spring comes. April is rife with spring festivals. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and the parks are greener than ever. Easter is around the corner, and festivities such as Spring Dippemess grace the streets with food stalls, rides, and games. If great weather is of the utmost importance to you, May would be the perfect month to visit because not only is the weather mild; there are also lesser crowds compared to the peak travel season of summer. 

Would you like to organize the perfect date in Frankfurt? Let my team and I help you to create the perfect setting. We know the best restaurants, hotels, things to do, and more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

Would you like to organize the perfect date in Frankfurt? Let my team and I help you to create the perfect setting. We know the best restaurants, hotels, things to do, and more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

The best hotel options in Frankfurt

Sofitel Frankfurt Opera

five star hotel rating

There is no beating the location of Sofitel Frankfurt Opera. This 5-star accommodation is situated in the renowned Opernplatz, only a few minutes away from the famous shopping and entertainment venue, Goethestrasse. 

The rooms are spacious, clean, and elegant. Guests will be spoiled with luxury toiletries, an espresso machine, and free Wi-Fi. All rooms are air-conditioned and have a minibar, safe, and Bose sound system.

Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof

five star hotel rating

This exquisite hotel dates back to 1876. Located in Frankfurt’s financial and historic district, Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof is only 1km away from St. Bartholomew’s Cathedral. The hotel has a total of 303 rooms that adopt both modern and classic decorations. Elegant furniture embellish the rooms, and a flat-screen TV, safe and luxurious Aigner toiletries just make your stay more enjoyable.

Frankfurt Marriott Hotel

five star hotel rating

Marriott has always upheld the best standards as one of the most famous hotel titans in the world. All the rooms in the hotel are non-smoking. The fitness center runs for 24 hours non-stop, and underground parking is available. What is more, the rooms are enormous, soundproofed, and feature panoramic views of the city. A 42-inch flat-screen TV with satellite channels will surely liven up your day.

Hilton Frankfurt City Centre

five star hotel rating

Situated in the heart of Frankfurt, all major attractions are within walking distance of this hotel. The health club offers a 25-meter pool and a restaurant with a terrace. The soundproofed rooms feature magnificent views of Frankfurt. 

Guests can opt for rooms that overlook the city center or the Bockenheimer Anlage Park. Wi-Fi is free in all public areas of the hotel but comes with an additional cost in the rooms. Elegantly decorated, the rooms are equipped with an armchair, a desk, and a flat-screen TV.

Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy

five star hotel rating

A historic villa-turned-hotel featuring a beautiful courtyard, Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy ensures that guests get the most restful and relaxing experience in their modern rooms. The non-smoking rooms include a flat-screen TV, broadband Internet access, and soundproofed windows. One of the highlights, of course, is the marble mosaic bathroom that features underfloor heating.  

Jumeirah Frankfurt

five star hotel rating

The luxurious interior of Jumeirah Frankfurt is to die for. Located in the city center, this 5-star hotel is close to the main shopping street, Zeil. The rooms are spacious, elegant and guests are treated to the panoramic and fabulous views of the city, skyline, and the Taunus Mountains. As if the views weren’t enough, Jumeirah Frankfurt lets guests indulge in various TV entertainment and a piping hot cup of coffee powered by a Nespresso machine.

Frankfurts topnotch restaurants

Lafleur **

Lafleur does not come to play when it comes to presentation and taste. Carefully decorated dishes and a combination of aroma and flavors make this beauty worth visiting. Located in the most prominent hospitality complex of Palmengarten, this restaurant adopts a Bauhaus-style interior. Don’t miss out on the walk-in temperature-controlled wine store. The Jerusalem artichoke salad and venison with brioche crust will be the cherry on top of a good day. 

Gustav **

Gustav is stylish and modern. The straightforward and sophisticated interior of this restaurant is also represented in the individuality of each dishattractive, minimalist with a masterful combination of contrasts and textures. The smoked salmon trout and wagyu over charcoal will leave you wanting more.

Seven Swans *

Everything about Seven Swans is extraordinary, from their hip vibes, the panoramic views of the River Main, the floor-to-ceiling windows, to their delicious vegan cuisine made from quality produce. The relaxed dining room allows guests to inhale their food slowly and comfortably. Some of the organic produce comes from a farm owned by the restaurant.

Carmelo Greco *

Quality and fresh ingredients are essential to Carmelo Greco’s exquisite Italian-Mediterranean cuisine. The dining room is pretty, elegant, and modern. However, if you feel like savoring the food accompanied by fresh air, the beautiful terrace is always ready to welcome you. Some outstanding dishes of Carmelo Greco are Gambero Rosso tartare and roe deer.

Weinsinn *

Inspired by the elegant Belle Époque period, the restaurant welcomes guests with its impeccable design: dark marble columns and stained-glass windows. The menu is also a treat that is hard to beat and influenced by Southern French and Italian cuisine. If you feel like eating something different from Salade Niçoise or Beef Wellington, the lobster and king crab will surely make you feast like a king.

Erno’s Bistro *

This little bistro is mesmerizing and enchanting, with its paneling and classic interior with lamps and wine bottles as decorative pieces. Authentic, lively, but simple, Erno’s Bistro serves the best tasty and flavorsome French food made with the best ingredients. The veal chop with porcini mushrooms will make a great main course. Followed by mascarpone cream with poached rhubarb, you will be smiling from ear to ear afterward.

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Romantic highlights of the city

Fasten love locks on Eiserner Steg

Pont des Arts in Paris is not the only bridge full of lovers locking their love. In Frankfurt, there is a pedestrian bridge named Eiserner Steg. Eiserner Steg is the only pedestrian bridge among so many bridges spanning the River Main. The burst of colors from padlocks locked along the bridge makes this path so lovely and ideal to take a stroll along. If you have a bit of a romantic lurking in you, then perhaps fastening your love lock on the bridge is not a bad idea.

A guided walking tour of the Old Town

Frankfurt has been reconstructed post World War II, and the Altstadt (Old Town) was part of the city that had to be rebuilt because it was leveled by bombing during the war. However, the Old Town still holds onto the memories and traces of bygone days, and you still can dig the past and history of the Altstadt by joining a 90-minute walk, which highlights the most prominent parts of the Old Town such as St. Paul’s Church, Emperors’ Cathedral and the Römerberg square. 

Spend some of that hard-earned money at Skyline Plaza

If it happens to rain during your visit, we could not think of a better activity to do than to splurge on some quality goods at Skyline Plaza. Europe exudes its own charms when it comes to satisfying a shopaholic’s dreams, and Skyline Plaza might be the heaven on earth for acute shoppers due to the variety of shops there. You can drown yourself in international brand names or indulge in a modern spa. There is no reason not to bring home gifts to your loved ones!

Explore the city by bike

Romance is not always about candlelight dinners, a bouquet of roses, and the perfect bottle of champagne. Why not squeeze in an activity that results in comfortable sweats and some adrenaline rush? Germany is one of the ideal cities to cycle in, and if you tour this city by bicycle, opt for quiet roads and traffic-free paths. Some famous landmarks you should pass by are the Römer, the European Central Bank, and the Goethe House.

Enjoy greenery at Palmengarten

Tired of the bustling and hectic scene of the city? Frankfurt’s botanical garden might be the perfect place for you. Palmengarten first opened its doors in 1871. The botanical garden spans 22 hectares, where orchids, ferns, and tropical trees bloom and grow. What is more interesting, the organization of the plants and flowers are done according to their respective regions, whether they come from the sub-Arctic, rainforests, or deserts. This botanical garden also hosts the oldest open-air jazz festival, Jazz in Palmengarten.

Admire Frankfurt’s skyline from the Main Tower

Frankfurt has evolved to one of the most economy-centric cities in Germany, that it becomes hard to imagine how the imperial cathedral was the tallest building in the 1950s. As a financial center and the city where significant corporations establish their headquarters, Frankfurt is full of skyscrapers and one of the tallest being the Main Tower. The Main Tower is 200 meters tall and is one of the sought-after tourist attractions. The observation deck is the perfect spot for you and your lover to breathe in the stunning views of this city. After the observation deck, you can proceed to dine and wine here.

Enjoy this gorgeous city to the fullest and let my team and I help create the perfect dream itinerary. We know the best places to have a bite to eat, clubs and bars, hotels, things to do, and much more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

Enjoy this gorgeous city to the fullest and let my team and I help create the perfect dream itinerary. We know the best places to have a bite to eat, clubs and bars, hotels, things to do, and much more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

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