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About Lisbon

Lisbon is a city full of ancient history mixed with old customs, cultural development, and innovation. The capital of Portugal may be one of the oldest, but its also one of the most romantic cities in the world, Aside from its most beautiful harbor, Lisbon is also known for its warmth– one is because of its almost year-long sunny weather, and for its hospitality, where visitors from anywhere in the world are welcomed like family.

One of the best ways to experience Lisbon is by exploring its streets and alleys to discover old and new places. Wherever you go in this city, you’ll find great dining options and excellent food, great accommodation, and nightlife for a fraction of the cost of some of Europe’s other popular cities.

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You don’t need to worry about the weather when visiting Lisbon because most of its days are sunny, even in winter, due to its mild and equable climate. The height of tourism is during summer between June to September, but the hotel rates are better with fewer tourists crowds during spring and autumn. Even during the lean season, you can still squeeze in some beach days due to the city’s very sunny climate almost all year-round.

Would you like to organize the perfect date in Lisbon? Let my team and I help you to create the perfect setting. We know the best restaurants, hotels, things to do, and more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

Would you like to organize the perfect date in Lisbon? Let my team and I help you to create the perfect setting. We know the best restaurants, hotels, things to do, and more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

The best hotel options in Lisbon

Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa

five star hotel rating

The Grand Dame of Lisbon has been one of the city’s landmarks, delivering excellent hospitality since 1933. This 5-star luxury hotel features rooms and suites with stunning views of their courtyard or the bustling Avenida de Liberdade. Its pool area highlights a spacious sun terrace framed by a green garden. At the same time, the hotel’s top-floor restaurant offers international cuisine, a wine list with over 300 selections, and panoramic views. The Avenida Metro Station is just 150 meters away from the hotel.

Bairro Alto Hotel

five star hotel rating

Bairro Alto Hotel is Lisbon’s first contemporary boutique hotel located in the iconic district of Bairro Alto, which is considered the home to the nation’s intellectuals, artists, and revolutionaries. This boutique hotel is set in a historical building from the 18th century and features 87 guestrooms and suites with views over the Tagus River, Chiado district, and Bairro Alto. Several boutique shops, galleries, picturesque streets, and restaurants are within walking distance from the hotel.

Valverde Hotel

five star hotel rating

Located right in the middle of Lisbon’s upscale Avenida da Liberdade, the 5-star boutique hotel is in a beautiful classical townhouse of arched windows and sculpted balconies. The stylish bedrooms are darkly moody and modern, with black accent walls and doors, wood-grain paneling, and ambient lighting. The interiors also feature sophisticated and functional furniture with iconic objects from the 1950s.

Palacete Chafariz D’El Rei

five star hotel rating

This elegant boutique hotel was once a 19th-century aristocratic family home. It is located in Lisbon’s historic center, offering a blend of modern and period details, including stuccoed ceilings. The interiors feature stained-glass windows, antique furniture, and a terrace overlooking the Tagus River, while its restored dining room overlooks the terraced gardens. The streets surrounding the hotel also house a wide variety of restaurants and bars. The hotel is 400 meters from the nearest Metro station and 4.7 miles from the International Airport, while the magnificent Castle of São Jorge is just a 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Hotel Avenida Palace

five star hotel rating

Hotel Avenida Palace is a jewel among Lisbon hotels, combining regal and elegant architecture with modern comfort and personalized service. This 19th-century building overlooks Restauradores Square and offers views of St. George’s Castle in central Lisbon. All 82 rooms feature classic with antique-style furnishings and marble bathrooms. Hotel Avenida Palace is popularly located at the end of Avenida da Liberdade. The metro station and Eduardo VII Park are a few meters away from the hotel.

Olissippo Lapa Palace

five star hotel rating

A short drive away from central Lisbon is a 19th-century palace tucked away in the city’s diplomatic quarter. Olissippo Lapa Palace is set in a beautiful sub-tropical garden nestled on a hilltop overlooking the Tagus River. This luxurious 5-star hotel features elegantly designed rooms and suites with balconies showcasing marvelous views of the river, the pool, and the gardens. Its expansive spa offers its guests the most relaxing sauna and Turkish bath, while its restaurant serves fine Mediterranean cuisine and regional wines.

Enjoy a selection of Lisbon’s finest restaurants

Portuguese dishes are quite varied and rich, full of aroma and flavor, just like their capital city. Eating around the city is a great way to sample various food from all corners of the coastal nation, starting with these restaurants.

Eleven *

Led by the renowned German chef Joachim Koerper, Eleven was the first restaurant in Lisbon to be awarded a Michelin star, and since then, it has been one of the top dining destinations in the city. At this restaurant, Chef Koerper’s great love for European gastronomy is evident in his tasting menus, including the fresh, subtle flavors of Portugal, Spain, and Italy.

Alma **

Alma, which means “soul” in Portuguese, is located in the heart of the Chiado district in a building that was once a warehouse for the famous Bertrand bookshop, the oldest in the world. This Lisbon restaurant is glowing with 2 Michelin stars and is under the helm of Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa, one of Portugal’s most dynamic kitchen wizards. Alma offers its guests the option of two five-course tasting menus, Costa a Costa, inspired by the sea, and Alma, a selection of the chef’s favorite dishes. Alma combines all the elements of a romantic dinner, including fine dining cuisine, elegantly beautiful venue, and impeccable service.

Belcanto **

Situated in a former convent in Bairro Alto, the two-star Michelin restaurant Belcanto offers one of Lisbon’s best dining experiences. Running this restaurant is the celebrated Chef Jose Avillez, who is a known perfectionist in the kitchen. In Belcanto, Chef Avillez whips up some bold yet creative cuisine, with the option for guests to dine at the chef’s table inside the kitchen to enjoy an entire spectacle of his impressive team at work.


Epur occupies a renovated building in the Chiado district offering haute cuisine complemented with stunning views from the restaurant windows. The Michelin-starred hotspot redefines the fine dining experience in Lisbon, with its minimalist approach to both the menu and restaurant design. French Chef Vincent Farges has opted for a simple menu with a creative edge that is highly visual, elegant, and respects the purity of the ingredients’ flavors. 

Feitora *

Housed within the fashionable five-star Altis Belem Hotel & Spa that overlooks the riverfront, reservations are encouraged at this Michelin-starred dining venue. Feitora’s chef João Rodrigues offers creative, modern cuisine rooted in tradition, with high regard for the quality of the ingredients and presentation. Feitoria offers two tasting menus, Máteria and Terra, that feature authentic Portuguese gastronomy and spicy Oriental ingredients.

Fifty Seconds*

This Michelin-starred dining venue by Spanish Chef Martín Berasategui elevates the fine dining experience in Lisbon with its exquisite dishes that can also be enjoyed with a panoramic view with the famous Vasco de Gama tower in sight. Chef Martin reveals his personal style of modern cooking and contemporary techniques in this restaurant, which always pays high respect to the flavors, quality, and presentation.

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Romantic highlights of the city

Sunset River Boat Cruise

What’s more romantic than taking in that beautiful soft golden glow of the sun while drifting along a river? One of the best places to behold Lisbon’s seven hills during sunset is onboard a boat while riding down the Tagus River or the River Tejo. The 2-hour boat ride will also allow you to see the city from a completely different perspective with better views of Lisbon’s most famous landmarks, including the bright Praça do Comércio square, the dome of the National Pantheon, and the Belém Tower.

Portuguese Wine Tasting

Portuguese wine is one of the best in the world, period. A romantic trip to Lisbon can never be complete without having a deeper understanding and appreciation of the country’s fine, delicious wines. One of the famous places for a great wine experience is the Garrafeira Imperial, located in Tapas 47, which boasts an impressive selection of national wines and ports. You can also do a week-long wine tour through the countryside, with packages including lodging and vineyard tours.

Get a Slice of the World’s Best Chocolate Cake

Share a slice or two of what many agree to be the finest chocolate cake in the whole world. Landeau’s chocolate cake has taken the city and the world by storm as it amazes locals and tourists with its super soft and gooey texture, sumptuously filled with chocolate and a slight hint of salt. The decadent treat is a perfect way to cap a lunch date or afternoon stroll in the city.

Feel the Soul of Lisbon’s Fado Music

Fado is an emotionally moving style of Portuguese music often performed in pubs, cafés, and restaurants. Originated in the country around the 1820s, Fado is known as extremely expressive and profoundly melancholic. Most Casas do Fado (fado houses/bars) tend to be cozy and dimly lit, where live guitarists accompany singers. A way to find a good fado is to stroll along the tiny alleyways in Alfama, where you’ll see several small cafés and bars that advertise the upcoming Fado group for the day.

Sunbathe in Winter

Experience a never-ending summer in Lisbon, the sunniest capital and one of the warmest cities in Europe. The city is located on the coast; therefore, negative Celcius temperatures are unlikely to occur here. Even in the coldest months, like December or January, you can still feel the heat and bask under the winter sun in any of the city’s beautiful beaches.

Hop on Board the Yellow Tram 28

Tram 28 is one of the best ways to explore the city’s historical heritage and vibrant districts. Get a whole Lisbon experience by hopping on these bright yellow streetcars as they wiggle, wobble, and roll their way over the city’s most picturesque neighborhoods to follow that track past monuments, museums, and miradouros (viewpoints). The entire route from Martim Moniz to Campo de Ourique / Prazeres takes approximately one hour. Aside from being a popular tourist attraction, locals also use the tram as their main transport.

Enjoy this gorgeous city to the fullest and let my team and I help create the perfect dream itinerary. We know the best places to have a bite to eat, clubs and bars, hotels, things to do, and much more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

Enjoy this gorgeous city to the fullest and let my team and I help create the perfect dream itinerary. We know the best places to have a bite to eat, clubs and bars, hotels, things to do, and much more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

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