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About Vienna

When we hear the word “pastry,” the first thing that pops into mind is probably France and croissants. But Vienna, Austria’s capital city where ‘old’ and ‘new’ blend so well together, is where the word “viennoiserie” came to life. This city is famous for flaky pastry and mouthwatering baked goods, but it is also widely known for Baroque buildings that lined up perfectly and the habit of downing strong espresso drinks. The largest city of Austria, Vienna, is famous for magnificent architecture such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Schönbrunn Palace and the Vienna State Opera. The charm does not end there, as art and history also constitute the city’s identity. Vienna is dubbed the ‘City of Music’ and houses some of the most treasured artwork, such as “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt and Pieter Bruegel’s “Tower of Babel.”

The best time to take high class escort Lisa Blaine to Vienna

This really depends on what you are looking for, but if you do not despise chilly air and snow, Christmas is the best time to go. Why? You might ask. Christmas in Vienna comes with its own charms: Christmas markets are so festive, and hot mulled wine and roasted chestnuts will provide you warmth and fuzzy feelings. Soft ambient lighting with decorations made of straw and wood gives you the ultimate setting of a Christmas fairytale. However, if you do not feel like braving the cold weather, summer is the best time to visit Vienna. We encourage you to come when summer is coming to a close, because the weather is nice and there are fewer tourists, so sightseeing is more accessible and more meaningful.

Would you like to organize the perfect date in Vienna? Let my team and I help you to create the perfect setting. We know the best restaurants, hotels, things to do, and more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

Would you like to organize the perfect date in Vienna? Let my team and I help you to create the perfect setting. We know the best restaurants, hotels, things to do, and more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

The best hotel options in Vienna

Park Hyatt Vienna

five star hotel rating

Located in the city center, Park Hyatt Vienna is housed in what used to be a bank. The wellness area calls for much-deserved self-indulgence. The hotel also offers a 24-hour reception, an à la carte restaurant, and free Wi-Fi.

Full of Viennese elegance, the rooms are decorated stylishly and equipped with air conditioning. Every unit has a minibar, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, a hairdryer, and complimentary toiletries.

The Guesthouse Vienna

five star hotel rating

The location of The Guesthouse Vienna is unbeatable. A 5-minute walk from St. Stephen’s Cathedral, one of Vienna’s most famous landmarks, this 5-star hotel offers a unique ambiance, free Wi-Fi, and an on-site bakery. The rooms ensure guests will have a restful sleep after a day of sightseeing, with quality furnishings, Bang & Olufsen TV and audio system, and a living area. What is more, the upper-floor rooms overlook the State Opera and the city center.

Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna

five star hotel rating

Built for the 1837 World Fair, this exquisite hotel lies in the city’s heart, just a 10-minute walk from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Palais Hansen Kempinski is undoubtedly the right choice for travelers who want a home away from home with two restaurants, a bar, a fitness center, and an exclusive spa. The rooms are furnished with quality fabrics and carpets and feature views of historical buildings or the courtyard. If you need your daily dose of a caffeine kick, the Nespresso machine is always at your service.

The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna

five star hotel rating

Modern decor combined with luxury is the concept of The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna. One of the many features of this hotel is the 24-hour room service, making guests feel assured and safe if they feel hungry at night. This 5-star hotel also has the largest indoor pool in Vienna, complemented by underwater music. A gym, separate saunas, and steam baths for men and women add more value to this fabulous hotel.

Grand Hotel Wien

five star hotel rating

Housed in a magnificent historic building, Grand Hotel Wien offers rooms with roof terraces overlooking the city. The rooms are embellished with elegant furnishings, coffee machines, and flat-screen TVs. The marble bathrooms make for a luxurious bathing experience. Also, this 5-star hotel offers valet parking and free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Sans Souci Wien

five star hotel rating

Located opposite the Museum Quarter, Hotel Sans Souci Wien offers an indoor pool and free Wi-Fi. Let loose and let off steam by making the most of the sauna, steam bath, and relaxation room. If you want to keep fit, the gym with a personal trainer is always ready to help you get the perfect abs.

Vienna’s most romantic restaurants

Konstantin Filippou **

Elegant and minimalist with the concept of an open kitchen, this 2-star Michelin restaurant is always ready to serve guests delectable dishes that are concocted with creativity and modernity. Add some kick to your meal with a glass (or might we suggest, a bottle) of wine from the well-chosen recommendations. House favorites include salmon trout with shiso and saffron and Croatian langostino and veal tongue.

Steirereck im Stadtpark **

Staying true to its Austrian roots, this chic and modern restaurant is committed to serving guests first-rate dishes. They do not compromise with quality, and in keeping with tradition, guests can enjoy an assortment of bread that comes in a trolley. Experience an elevated dining experience at Steirereck im Stadtpark.

Mraz & Sohn **

Located in the 20th district, a restaurant full of creativity and modernity awaits you. The kitchen of Mraz & Sohn does not shy away from delivering dishes that will make guests go ooh and ahh. Combining contrasting flavors that result in dishes with a distinctive personality is their specialty. Complemented by top-notch service and a fantastic wine selection, it will guarantee you an unforgettable night. Try the marinated scallop and carrot and yogurt when you visit this gem.

Walter Bauer *

Walter Bauer is situated in the center of the old town and oozes Viennese charm. The breathtaking vaulted ceiling is one of the things that makes this place stand out. The owners believe that top priorities must be excellent service and attention to little details. Thanks to this belief, Walter Bauer always plates the dishes clean but beautifully. Make your belly happy with their goose liver terrine or succulent pink roasted lamb rack.


Sometimes you can crave scrumptious Asian food when in Europe. SHIKI gets your back. SHIKI, a fine-dining Japanese restaurant, which means ‘four seasons,’ always comes up with innovative dishes according to the season. Some great options you can go for are the variations of octopus, duck breast marinated in miso, and the mouthwatering pumpkin tart.


Located not far from Stadtpark, this modern and classic restaurant adjoins the Sofitel Hotel. Adopting the concept of an open kitchen, the dishes are only produced from high-quality ingredients, which are crafted to perfection, drawing out abundant flavors. The lamb with yogurt and trout with pineapple are two recommended dishes that will make you squeal.

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The most romantic highlights of the city

Share heartwarming moments at Vienna Christmas Market

Vienna takes Christmas to the next level. From mid-November to one day after Christmas, the most beautiful squares of Vienna turn into excellent Christmas markets. Thanks to the inviting aromas of baked goods and hot punch, you’ll feel the warmth in the air. Enjoy the “Vienna Magic of Advent,” where the City Hall transforms into a glistening fairytale land.

Visit the Schönbrunn Palace, the Cultural World Heritage Site

One embodiment of Baroque architecture is reflected in the parks and gardens that surround the palace. Not only is the court full of tourists, but this place is also a favorite of the locals when they want to spend some recreational time. 

As a Cultural World Heritage Site, the Schönbrunn Palace is well maintained, and no details are too small to pay attention to. The rooms in the palace retain the original furnishings and decorations, depicting an accurate impression of an imperial lifestyle. When you visit the Schönbrunn Palace, make sure to wear comfortable shoes because you will spend so much time walking and admiring the whole place.

Enjoy “The Kiss” at The Belvedere

By “The Kiss,” we mean the celebrated painting by Gustav Klimt, but who says you can’t have the real one in front of the palace? The Belvedere is an 18th-century summer palace of Prince Eugene of Savoy. Standing in all its glory and Baroque stylishness, the Upper galleries of the palace are the home to the renowned painting (“The Kiss” is also known as “The Lovers”). Now, you might ask, what is the significance and the beauty of the painting? It truly exudes romantic vibes, as the illustration shows two lovers sharing a kiss while embracing a field of flowers.

Learn to waltz, because why not?

When you travel, you constantly look for activities to make the trip memorable. And what could be better to improve your partnership and keep things hot than to let loose in the mesmerizing moves of waltz? Taking a waltz class in Vienna fits couples feeling a bit adventurous, as Vienna hosts hundreds of balls between November and February. And yes, this type of dance is the one you find in romantic movies, if you wonder.

Watch a ballet performance at Vienna State Opera

This opera house is full of history and dates back to the 1860s. Some things are everlasting and never fade with time, and Vienna State Opera is the perfect example of this tenet, as this building just ages like a fine wine. The entry hall is grand, luxurious, and well-decorated. You have come this far to Austria, do not settle for seats with limited and obstructed views, so make sure to book the best seats beforehand.

Enjoy a glass of wine and catch the breathtaking view of Vienna

The skyline of New York is not the only impressive one in the world. Vienna boasts high-rise buildings and what better way to adore the skyline than sip a cocktail or wine from the high floor? Places like The 57 Lounge and Restaurant offer magnificent views of the whole city. Prepare yourself to fall in love and be in awe.

Enjoy this gorgeous city to the fullest and let my team and I help create the perfect dream itinerary. We know the best places to have a bite to eat, clubs and bars, hotels, things to do, and much more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

Enjoy this gorgeous city to the fullest and let my team and I help create the perfect dream itinerary. We know the best places to have a bite to eat, clubs and bars, hotels, things to do, and much more. Contact us now and learn more about the possibilities.

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